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Maintenance of Student Files

1. Purpose and Summary

  1. Ryerson University International College collects all mandated information as required for student files, which are maintained in compliance with section 10.3(c)(i) to (xi) of ISP Requirements 2015.
  2. Required student information is collected in a timely manner, throughout the application process and beginning of studies, as the necessary information becomes available to the student. Throughout this process

2. Process for information capture

  1. Information Collected at Time of Application
    The application form, submitted digitally or in paper copy, will capture the below information which is automatically stored in (or uploaded to in the case of a paper copy) Ryerson University International College’s Student Management System (Maze).

    • the International Student’s full name, sex, and date of birth
    • the International Student’s email address(es)
    • the International Student’s country of origin
    • the International Student’s primary language
    • all phone numbers and addresses at which the International Student can be reached, including at the International Student’s permanent address
    • a record of the results of academic evaluations of the International Student by the institution
    • a record of the results of admissions tests performed by the International Student
  2. Information Collected at Time of Acceptance
    The below information is collected and confirmed via receipt of the International Student “Acceptance of Offer Form”, which includes the information and terms required by section 13.1(c) and acknowledges acceptance of the Ryerson University International College student insurance policy. Ryerson University International College staff will save an electronic copy of this returned document in the International Student’s Student File (Electronic student filing stored at Ryerson University International College).

    • a copy of the signed contract between the institution and International Student containing the information and terms required by section 13.1(c)
    • evidence that the International Student obtained health insurance prior to beginning the program
  3. Information Collected & Verified Upon Arrival to Canada
    The below information is collected during the International Student ‘check-in’ process when the International Student arrives in Canada and first meets with Ryerson University International RUIC Maintenance of Student Files Policy 3 College representatives. This information will be input into the Ryerson University International College Student Management System (Maze) for storage.

    • the International Student’s Study Permit number, date of entry into Canada, and Study Permit expiry date
    • all updated phone numbers at which the International Student can be reached while in Canada
    • the International Student’s address while in Canada and type of stay (e.g., homestay,apartment)

3. Quality Assurance & Compliance

  1. The institution completes regular audit checks each semester to verify student data is current and accurate as well as to remove and update obsolete information.
  2. Student have access to make updates to their address, phone number, email address, through their Student Portal.
  3. To make a change to their legal name, date of birth, gender, students must submit a Personal Data Change Form with supporting documentation.
  4. The institution retains each International Student file for a minimum of three (3) years after the student has ceased to be enrolled at the institution.
  5. Additionally, students have access to his or her transcript for at least 25 years, or as long as required by applicable legislation, after the student terminates studies at the institution.
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