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UTP Stage I


UTP Stage I at RUIC is designed to prepare you for entry to university-level programs in Arts, Business Management, and International Economics and Finance. In UTP Stage I you complete eight courses. After successfully completing this program you will progress to UTP Stage II.

Key Information


2 terms


  • January
  • May
  • September


Ryerson University campus, Toronto

Your direct pathway into Ryerson University

High School
RUIC Stage 1
RUIC Stage 2
2nd year Ryerson University

UTP Stage 1:

Depending on your goals for University, students will need to complete 8 courses and achieve a minimum standing as specified for each pathway to progress to UTP Stage II*.

Please see below for a sample of courses that may be offered in UTP Stage I:

  • Interdisciplinary Special Topics 101
  • Interdisciplinary Special Topics 102
  • Integrated Learning Skills
  • Beginning with Algebra
  • Business Management
  • Introduction to Computers and their Applications
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Philosophical Reasoning
  • Introduction to University Writing
  • World Issues

*All direct and integrated entry students are required to take (and pass) ILC101– Introduction to our Learning Community in their first term of study unless exempted. Students who are exempt from ILC101 will be required to take (and pass) ILS101 – Integrated Learning Skills.

70% Jump Rule

Students may be eligible to “Jump” to UTP Stage II if in a single term they successfully complete four UTP Stage I classes (not including ILS/ILC) with a minimum 70% in each course.

UTP Stage 2:

Upon successful completion of the UTP Stage I program, students will be eligible to progress to the following UTP Stage II programs provided they meet the minimum Cumulative GPA:

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